Burning a sage smudge stick brings balance, cleansing and protection and removes 94% of harmful bacteria in the air for up to 24 hours! Magic! It’s a sacred practice, the benefits of which the ancients understood very well. 

It’s good to smudge on a regular basis to removes heavy energies, which could be unhelpful spirits or negative thoughts, words and feelings. You can smudge your home, around your aura, your place of work (ask permission) and your car.

I use a feather to fan the smoke, rather than blow on the smudge stick, as I don’t want to blow my energy on it before I’ve been smudged. 

I leave a window/door open and hold the intent that all heavy energy will exit through the opening, to be returned to the Universe for transformation. 

I light a candle in a sacred manner giving thanks to Grandfather Fire for the sacred flame. I thank the Spirit of Sage for its cleansing and protection as I waft the smoke with the feather. I thank the Spirit of the bird whose feather I’m using. 

I either smudge myself or have someone smudge me. When smudging around the body, we can boost the removal of blockages to assist with healing, paying special attention to any problem areas. We can strengthen the senses by throughly smudging the chakras. Then, I move anti-clockwise around the room ensuring to reach into crevice.

Burning sweetgrass, rose oil/incense or another high vibe aroma afterwards is good for blessings and welcoming higher energies.

When complete, I extinguish the smudge stick in my abalone shell, and give thanks. 

I always smudge or spray (using a blend of sage oil in salt water) before any spiritual work. I also travel with the spray to give hotel rooms a good cleanse. It’s also great as an air freshener and for spraying on fabrics for a boost of freshness. 

You can make your own smudge sticks with herbs of your choice, depending on your purpose. Sage with lavender works really well, for example. Sage for cleansing and protecting and lavender for harmony. 

Happy smudging!

With love,

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