The Creative Imagination

Working with images is a great way to strengthen visualization and imagination. Images are a great entry point, just like guided meditations, into dreaming. I realised this from a young age. Also, the brain and body can’t tell the difference between what we imagine and what we actually experience in ordinary reality. The imagination isContinue reading “The Creative Imagination”

Why Have An Altar?

Why have an altar? An altar is a sacred space and symbolic of one’s connection to Spirit. It’s a place to focus and direct energy; and, connect with and honour Spirit.  Some tips for creating and working with an altar… Find a suitable place for your altar Indoors and/or outdoorsMake sure it’s safe so thatContinue reading “Why Have An Altar?”


Burning a sage smudge stick brings balance, cleansing and protection and removes 94% of harmful bacteria in the air for up to 24 hours! Magic! It’s a sacred practice, the benefits of which the ancients understood very well.  It’s good to smudge on a regular basis to removes heavy energies, which could be unhelpful spiritsContinue reading “Smudging”


Conchomancy is the art of reading seashells. It’s ancient, simple and powerful. People have been working with shells in a sacred way for 50,000 years! Every shell has its story, its energy, its message. As shells are also homes to sea creatures, they carry that energy too. Working with shells helps us connect directly toContinue reading “Conchomancy”

Who Do You Trust Beyond All Others?

We all have a Higher Self. The concept of the Higher Self is found in different religions from Christianity to Buddhism. The Higher Self is the ‘real you’ that’s unlimited and eternal. It’s where you receive inspiration, insight and intuitive messages, your soul’s consciousness. The Higher Self knows your intentions and desires. You are alwaysContinue reading “Who Do You Trust Beyond All Others?”

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