Case Studies

A young woman working for a leading tech company in Canada had her heart set on growing her career. We focused on improving her interview technique, and she soon landed her dream job as a team lead for another leading tech company. In addition to enhancing her responses and delivery, she grew confident and developed a winning attitude.

An accomplished senior leader and educator wanted to learn how to MC conferences. Therefore, we focused on public speaking skills, introductions of speakers, active listening skills, summarising abilities and handling Q&A sessions so that the next time she went out on stage, she was confident that she could memorably introduce all speakers, summarise key points from each speech and handle any tricky Q&A sessions. Being able to confidently MC important events meant that this person could grow visibility.

An Asian leader from one of the world's biggest tech companies, responsible for handling some of the organisation's largest clients, wanted to express herself fully and improve her presentation skills. She lacked confidence initially but soon communicated everything she wanted to say with gravitas, which led to improved client pitches, less stress and the confidence to apply for promotion.

A well-known Asian news anchor and media personality who gives important speeches to academic audiences had to deliver a presentation at a high-profile global conference. She had just 10 minutes of talking time, and her presentation was 30 minutes long. We reduced her talk from 30 minutes to 10 minutes by summarising the speech in just one sentence, ensuring the relevance of each point/example and following a logical introduction, main points/examples, summary/conclusion, and call to action.

An accomplished woman, a C-Suite executive of an Asian FinTech Unicorn, wanted to improve her presentation skills in English. As the leading spokesperson for the company, she delivered important internal and external speeches. When we met, she loathed the idea of giving an address. However, after working with me, she went from hating and fearing public speaking to loving it and actively seeking out speaking opportunities.

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