Ceremonial services to honour and celebrate any special occasion!

If you would like to begin or end something in a sacred way, use ceremony.
As a Priestess, I facilitate non-denominational, non-civil ceremonies for weddings (hand fastings); naming ceremonies; coming of age/Rites of Passage; start of a new life chapter like a new job, a house move, a new relationship, a new project or business; transitioning to the afterlife (pets included!); and, even divorce.
I can also help you to create a unique ceremony for you to perform for yourself.

In some instances I can also help from a distance. I have been known to facilitate a naming ceremony via conference call for a lady in hospital, or to travel via a shamanic journey to someone’s new home to help clear the unwanted lingering energies and to bless the journey of the new guardians of the property.

If you would like to perform your own ceremony and want some guidance and suggestions, I can help with that too!

In Person Ceremonies

Honouring and celebrating a special occasion in a sacred manner is incredibly powerful and beautiful! Let your creative imagination run wild, unbound by the confines of religious or state ceremonies. My ceremonies complement religious and civil ceremonies.

Remote Ceremonies

In some instances I can facilitate a remote ceremony for you. I can also work with you to create a sacred ceremony for you to perform for yourself at home. Contact me to explore the possibilities. For special occasions, the major festivals and the moon tides.

Karen provided a fantastic service for our hand fasting. She worked with us to accommodate our needs and the entire process was a lot of fun and the ceremony itself was deeply moving, sacred and very special. I highly recommend.

Helen Thiara

Let’s create beautiful, sacred ceremonies together!

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