Dream Consultation

Help with dreams and nightmares.

Dreams are messages from the soul and therefore only you must interpret your dreams. If anyone offers to interpret your dreams for you, my advice is to walk away!

I can help you to work with and understand your dreams more fully, using Active Dreaming as taught to me by Dream Shaman Robert Moss.

With permission, I can also enter your dream to gain even more clarity and insight!

Never suffer because of a ‘nightmare’. Nightmares are unresolved dreams, and when handled appropriately, they often bring the dreamer gifts of healing and power.

See my other website OracleDreams for a deeper dive into dreamwork!

I shared a dream with Karen and invited her inside. She brought me a vision of a huge mirror and a serpent around my neck. A few days later I actually found the serpent, behind a big mirror, bought it and I wore it. The next day I woke up recalling a healing dream, my voice is free. And as I write it, her vision is still manifesting in my life…
Thank you Karen Floyd.

LuCie Deben

Understand more about your dreams, the messages from your soul and an infinite pool of wisdom. Also visit my other website OracleDreams for more on dreamwork.

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