One Year Course

A year-long, online course in
dreamwork and shamanism.

Know yourself, find the gold in your shadow, heal and face the future with confidence, courage, compassion resilience and love. Reconnect with your Magical Child, awaken your Inner Shaman and claim your sovereignty. Develop your intuition and psychic abilities. Lead a soul-led life!

I love sitting in circle with other spiritual seekers, but given the current restrictions and travel unknowns, for now, I am offering online sessions only.

Join me every month for a year for a deep dive into dreamwork and shamanism online. I assure you that you will feel the energy, presence and magic of these online sessions.

New start dates are available at regular intervals, so you can sign up anytime and join the next available group. Sessions take place online via Zoom with plenty of ‘work’ for you to complete in-between sessions. You will also be required to do work out in nature. The will benefit from the circle and learn lots in the sharing. Our sessions are recorded for you to keep. Each month’s session lasts for approximately four and a half hours with several short breaks. Consider it an at home retreat and give yourself the full day to prepare, participate and integrate. You will need complete privacy, peace and quiet. I am always available for any support you may need. Your life will never be the same again! It will be richer, juicier and brimming with magical happenings!

A brief overview of each month’s content…

Month 1

Fundamentals of dreamwork and shamanism. Share dreams in a proper manner and learn how to understand them. Altars. Introduction to shamanic journeying. Receive simple and powerful meditations for healing and psychic protection. Connect with your Magical Child. Signs, symbols and synchronicities. The elements and directions.

Month 2

More about shamanic journeying. Learn about Power Animals and retrieve one for yourself. Work with and honour your Power Animal. Learn how to journey for healing for yourself. Learn to create and perform a sacred ceremony and find power objects. Chakra sounds and balancing. More about the elements and directions. Shadow work.

Month 3

Re-enter a dream and enter the dream of another person with permission. Group dream re-entry journey. Learn how to connect with your true heart’s desires. Discover some fun games for divination. Learn how to connect with the plant kingdom for healing and insight. More about the elements and directions. Spirit Guides. Shadow work.

Month 4

Further exploration of the shamanic realms and meeting Spirit Guides. Learn how to frame your questions for journeys and practice journeying throughout the Spirit Realms. Discover who you have taken power from and how to return it. Songs and chants. Cultivate your Inner Garden.

Month 5

Learn how to identify, overcome and transform self limiting beliefs in a sacred, ceremonial and non-judgemental manner. Learn the landscape of your imaginal realm and how to enter any image you choose. Journeys for healing and guidance. Cultivate your Inner Garden.

Month 6

Transfer a dream to someone in need. Scan and energise your chakras and create a chakra totem pole. Learn more about creating sacred ceremonies for special occasions and connecting with nature. Communicate with the natural world around you.

Month 7

Exploration of shamanic healing techniques. Learn how to journey for yourself for deep healing. Introduction to soul loss.

Month 8

Deeper exploration of soul loss. Learn how to recover and integrate the missing parts of your soul. Cultivate your Inner Garden.

Month 9

Learn about the afterlife and connect with heart felt ancestors. Discover what life can be like on the other side. DNA healing.

Month 10

Explore past lives and receive healing that maybe required. More about ancestral healing. Fun games for developing intuition. Chakra balancing. Cultivate your Inner Garden.

Month 11

Journey as a group to seek out information about the future. Learn how to journey for a partner for insight into a life matter. More sacred songs and chants.

Month 12

Bringing it all together. Recap of main practices and techniques. Group journeys for healing the planet and all our relations. Last talking circle. Final Q&A session.

I am so grateful to Karen for the Amazing weekend retreat at Ecotara. It was truly remarkable, her understanding and explanations were clear and easy to follow, & the journeys with her drumming incomparable. Watch out for the next you won’t want to miss it. Thank you.

Stephen Mathews

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