Learn a broad range of practices from different traditions and how to make shamanism your way of life. There is a core body of shamanic beliefs and practices and then some cultural aspects. Connect with the Multiverse and you will never look back!

Shamanic Journeying

Let me introduce you to the wonderful worlds of Shamanic Journeying! Learn to travel metaphysically to connect with Guides, Ancestors, Power Animals, Teachers and the Multidimensional Multiverse. Also, ask me to do a journey for you for help with a health or life issue.


Learn how to work with your dreams and how to dream when you are wide awake! Begin to understand your dreams more and discover how to use your dreams for guidance in life, how to re-enter and change dreams and much more! Never be afraid of a nightmare again. Also see OracleDreams.

Professional Development

For entrepreneurs, leaders and soul-led professionals. Learn how to lead from the heart and how to connect with the Spirit of your business for the highest good of all. Develop your intuitive intelligence for clarity and confidence, and for better and faster decision making capabilities. Learn to dream storm than brain storm and be amazed by the results!

Dream Consultation

Receive help with any dreams you would like to explore further and any nightmares you would like to resolve. Also see OracleDreams.


Learn how to take ownership of your healing with a gentle helping hand from me. I teach you different techniques and practices. I also perform healing ceremonies and journeys on your behalf.

Personal Development

Holistic approach to Personal Development . I provide you with tools to help you be clear and confident in your life.


Sacred Ceremonies for all special occasions, beginnings and endings: births, coming of age, marriage, new home, new business, new relationship, transition to the afterlife (pets too!), naming ceremony/change of name, divorce.

Public Relations and Marketing

I remain active in Public Relations and Marketing. If you want advice on recruitment of staff or agencies, or a campaign, please contact me. Also see intraHouse Agency.

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