Shamanic Journeys

For help with health and life

In Shamanism we believe that all dis-ease has its origins in the Spirit, and if left unresolved, this dis-ease can manifest in the mental, emotional and physical realms. This dis-ease is often caused by trauma and can manifest as physical illnesses, physical pain, depression and more. Eventually, it can result in ‘soul loss’, which is when a part of a soul has left because of trauma. This soul loss has grave repercussions and can lead to feelings of life just not going ‘right’, lack of resilience, lack of dreams and dream recall, depression, physical illness and other unhelpful scenarios.

Shamanic journeying is a key component of shamanism and is an ancient spiritual practice. It does not require any special substances.

I would love to teach you how to conduct shamanic journeys for yourself and I can also conduct a journey/s on your behalf.

When I journey on your behalf, we have an initial consultation, then I do the shamanic journey, and then this is relayed to you sometimes with instructions for what you need to do next to fully integrate the process. It is all done remotely until further notice. Working remotely does not weaken the power of the work.

I work with my Spiritual Team to identify the root cause of any issue you may be facing and then to resolve it. The healing can take the form of Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction, Cutting of Ties, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing and whatever comes up! I relay the journey to you uncensored and without interpretation. I then help you to understand it.

For Health

For any physical, emotional or mental health issue. I do not need to receive too much detail, just a basic overview, and then my Spirit Guides reveal the best way to proceed, showing the true cause of the situation, and how best to resolve it. You must be willing to integrate and follow up on any instructions.

Life Questions

Got an important choice to make? Or maybe you would like some insight and clarity into a particular situation or relationship? Shamanic journeying is very effective for receiving guidance and insight. Please be open to what may be revealed! Initial consultation, report of journey and follow-up.

I came to Karen with a life question and what was revealed blew me away and revealed long forgotten and buried issues I hadn’t dealt with. I wasn’t expecting to receive such practical advice I could apply in my life immediately. I benefited from it greatly, and felt ‘lighter’ as though a blockage that had been preventing me from fully enjoying life had been removed.

Glorya Farr

Learn how to do a shamanic journey or ask me to conduct one on your behalf.

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