Spirituality and Healing

Tap into the infinite pool of spiritual wisdom.
It is just a breath away!

Explore a varied range of ancient spiritual practices and modern day techniques to know your Self, heal, learn, develop intuition and psychic ability, contact Spiritual Guides and to generally live from the heart in a conscious way!

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual, healing tradition and a way of life. Anthropologists trace Shamanism back 10s of thousands of years and have found evidence of indigenous shamanic practices from all over the world.  

In Shamanism, we know that everything is connected and that we can communicate with different energies in their vast manifestations. We know that nothing ever really dies, that everything is energy, and that energy is transformed. We learn how to come and go between the seen world and the unseen worlds. This is not rocket science, but it is magic! We work to know our Selves and we work with the subconscious. We work to bring about outcomes for the highest good in all we do. We work in the Spirit Realms to bring about positive change in our physical world.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I am here to help you awaken your Inner Shaman so that you become your own Healer, Leader and Guru. I draw from multiple traditions.


Dreams are messages from the soul. Learn how to set intentions for dreams, remember dreams, dream lucidly, re-enter dreams, transfer a dream to another with permission, enter the dream of another with permission, share dreams in the best way and understand dreams more fully. Once you are on the path to working more deeply with your dreams you will be able to gain great insight into your pressing questions while you sleep! Price shown is for individual single 90-minute session. Discount for block booking of six 90-minute sessions.
Also see OracleDreams.


Shamanism is a nature-based spirituality that dates back 10s of thousands of years. Shamanism brings us into harmony with nature and all its creations, in the seen and the unseen worlds. Shamanism offers a meaningful, fulfilling and soul-directed life. We travel metaphysically to the Shamanic Realms with the intent of creating positive changes in our physical reality. Meet and connect with Power Animals, Plant Spirits, Guides and Teachers. Price shown is for individual single 90-minute session. Discount for block booking of six 90-minute sessions. Also see OracleDreams.


I provide distant healing using a combination of Shamanic Healing techniques. There is an initial consultation and then with your approval I work with my Guides to facilitate the healing. I give you a full report of the experience with instructions for integration of the healing. Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Cutting of Ties, Past Life Healing and more. Also works for any life situation or relationship for guidance. Price shown is for individual session. Discount for block booking of six sessions.
Also see OracleDreams.

I attended Karen’s Eco Tara Dream Retreat from 21st – 23rd June 2019. I want to thank you, Karen, for the nurturing and healing experience that you created at Eco Tara. I came to the weekend with an intention to release the blocks and limitations that have held me back from living a joyful and abundant life. After a fun, friendly, nurturing two and a half days in in very good company, I feel that I achieved my intention. Karen’s knowledge of working with dreams is very thorough and I find her teaching style flows well. Even though I have done a lot of this type of work before, I still learned a lot and found it very beneficial. Karen managed to make it equally accessible to the people on the retreat who were inexperienced.

Anna Bromley

Dive deep into your journey of self-discovery, transformation and awakening using ancient practices and modern day techniques.

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