I had a dream session with Karen, also including a guided medidation. That was an awsome experience. She helped me to be grounded, and the problem I had with stress and palpitation disappeared for a long time. The dreamwork was also an eyeopener. She led the session in a very competent, and confident way. She is very present and genuinly interested in what is going on with the client. And with passion and care she searched for the underlying message in my dream. It was a relieve to me to have a session with Karen. I will definetely go back and can warmly recommend her as a dreamworker and shaman. Thanks and big hugs from Ingrid.

Ingrid Braastad

Karen was instrumental in helping take my company from a start up digital platform to become the world’s leading source of information for the global industry. Including marketing, PR, copywriting and editing, Karen’s role as managing editor saw her successfully lead a team of more than 50 people from around the world, co-ordinating, commissioning and approving interesting and relevant content for our readers, in real time, 24/7, 365. Karen is a highly personable professional, a team player who communicates effectively with all people and is able to bring out the best in them. Very results driven, Karen has acute business acumen and acted as a great ambassador for us, developing fruitful, lasting relationships with key global organisations.

Andres Loubet

My daughter & I attended one of Karen’s dream shops in October & absolutely loved it!!!!! Karen is very intuitive, knowledgeable & nurturing. No experience was required & we came away excited to dream with intent & help each other work out our messages. Who knew how informative and fun our dreams really are 💕

Liz Grosvenor

I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen. She is passionate, enthusiastic, creative and very knowledgeable in her field of work. Karen perfectly grasped what we wanted to achieve and fully understood our brand and how best to promote it and improve awareness; and this of course led to some fantastic results. Karen’s written skills are excellent and I will most certainly be taking advantage of these skills as and when the need arises in the future. Karen herself is also a genuinely lovely person and it has always been a pleasure to work with her.

Lucy Nelson

After attending a dream workshop with the wonderful Karen, I can highly recommend it to anyone. Karen is a fluid and inspiring teacher who shares her knowledge in a fun and motivating way. The meditations and group work were awesome and deeply effective. I now have many different techniques to incorporate into my dream work. Thank you so much Karen Floyd!

Helen Thiara

Karen is a great Marketeer but has her feet on the ground and not in the clouds. She is knowledgeable , experienced and was agreat asset. I reccomend Karen highly.

Rob Pryde

I did a dream workshop with Karen in October 2019. Since then I am now able to decipher my dream so much more. They guide me each night and show me exactly what I need to focus on the next day. It’s so fascinating and I can’t thank Karen enough. I would urge anyone who wants to understand their dreams to attend one of Karen’s workshops. She is great. Thank you so much! xxx

Christine Holt

We were looking for some PR to help us launch our company in the UK and Karen came recommended to us by an industry contact. We found her approach to be thorough, friendly and professional and after an initial meeting we were able to let her get on with the job and we’ve been delighted with the results. In a short period of time Karen has managed to generate a lot of interest in Azelija products and has contributed some valuable ideas to help us market and grow the business. I would highly recommend Karen to any business wishing to grow its profile.

David Whitewood

Amazing experience which have opened for me a new world of possibilities! Thank you Karen Floyd for your patience and attention during the retreat, your guidance was so helpful and nourishing! 💗 I came with an open mind and discovered that I still have so much more to explore within me! I will continue practicing what I’ve learned with you over this weekend, thank you for helping me to “open the door”! ✨🦉✨ And thanks to the kind team of #ecotaracanaryislands for making our stay so peaceful and relaxing! 

Anna Torosyants

We’ve been working with Karen since January 2010. We were looking for a PR company to showcase our unique venue not only in the local market place but also nationally. When I first met Karen Floyd I was blown away by her professionalism and dedication to work alongside us. We needed somebody who was totally pro-active and had our best interests at heart. Karen has not let us down in fact has exceeded our expectations! Karen is hardworking, reliable and really get results in very little time. I would highly recommend her to any company looking to raise their profile.

Jessica Johnson

Karen is a wise and professional workshop leader who can hold space so that novices and experts alike can learn and grow. She gave participants a rich blend of dream work and shamanism at her first workshop at Liverpool Wellbeing Centre last Saturday. Everyone loved it. I hope there will be many more..

Dennis Richards

I had the pleasure of liaising with Karen as an investor and former Board Member of DigitalTown. Karen’s presentation of DigitalTown’s rebrand and go to market strategy was an important part of our due diligence. Her work ethic was exceptional and she made due with a limited budget and resources as part of DT’s rebrand. Karen is direct yet diplomatic, ethical, intuitive, knowledgeable and professional. I hope we get the chance to work together again.

Lawrence Lerner

I am so grateful to Karen for the Amazing weekend retreat at Ecotara. It was truly remarkable, her understanding and explanations were clear and easy to follow, & the journeys with her drumming incomparable. Watch out for the next you won’t want to miss it. Thank you .

Stephen Matthews

I’m delighted to recommend Karen to you. I was contacted byKaren when recruiting for my company with excellent results.

Peter Loftus

Karen’s workshop at the Liverpool Wellbeing Centre on Rodney Street was a great success. I enjoyed spending time with such a heart warming & insightful bunch of people. There were lots of amazing synchronicities. Thanks Karen for facilitating. I know the Universe is supporting you in sharing this valuable wisdom far and wide. X

John David Kirby

Karen is a gifted and guided teacher who has a deep understanding of what she does and a delight in sharing it. 

Martha Norville

I attended the Eco Tara Dream Retreat and I can say it was a really good experience. I went to the retreat with an intention to learn more about technics of how to analyse my dreams and I feel that I achieved my intention. I was really surprised with the results I got using the power of the imagination and the technics I learned! It was my first time working with dreams, but I felt very comfortable thanks to Karen’s guidance. I found this experience very beneficial for myself and I am looking forward to continue working with Karen. 

Divya Daswani

Karen has been such an amazing mentor, guide, and friend. When beginning my work with her, I had no idea of the potential I’d be able to unlock with my dreams. After just a few sessions together, I began to recognize various patterns, symbols, and feelings in my dreams, some of which I hadn’t been able to identify or recall since childhood. My dream work with her has also helped me improve everyday encounters and conversations, making me feel more at ease and in control during waking life. I believe, without a doubt, that working with Karen can change your life and your trajectory if you’re open and receptive to this type of powerful transformation. 

Tess Bryan

I shared a dream with Karen and invited her inside. She brought me a vision of a huge mirror and a serpent around my neck. A few days later I actually found the serpent, behind a big mirror, bought it and I wore it. The next day I woke up recalling a healing dream, my voice is free. And as I write it, her vision is still manifesting in my life… Thank you Karen Floyd. 

LuCie Deben

I wholeheartedly recommend Floyd’s work and guidance as a perfect starting point for much deeper work within this diverse subject. 

Eddie Timon

Karen’s knowledge of working with dreams is very thorough and I find her teaching style flows well. Even though I have done a lot of this type of work before, I still learned a lot and found it very beneficial.  

Anna Bromley

I came to Karen with a life question. She did a shamanic journey and what was revealed revealed long forgotten and buried issues I hadn’t dealt with. I wasn’t expecting to receive such practical advice I could apply in my life immediately. I benefited from it greatly, and felt ‘lighter’ as though a blockage that had been preventing me from fully enjoying life had been removed.  

Glorya Farr

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