What people say about Karen Louise Floyd

My career is growing with Karen! I was promoted after working with Karen for 2 months! Karen is the most amazing person that I have ever met. She is definitely far more than a language coach, she is a great mentor, spiritual teacher, inspirational teacher, career counselor, sometimes great friend. I literally was able to get promoted thanks to her professional experience and expertise. My career is growing with her. I am truly lucky to have her. Needless to say, my English is getting better with her. Her approach is always helpful, kind and straightforward. Her advice is super helpful. If you are looking for a language/career coach, I highly recommend Karen.

Amazing sessions, interesting topics and great discussions. I've gained practical skills to take back to work. Karen is enthusiastic, attentive and passionate in her approach to coaching and she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are well prepared to make their mark.

Karen is not only an amazing English coach but also an inspirational mentor. I really enjoyed our sessions that covered diverse topics such as leadership, people management, career development, social issues, feminism, and so on. Especially, Karen helped me learn how to reveal my true self and vulnerability without shame and effectively influence people even in a male-dominated organization. If you are looking for a complete package that can enhance both language and leadership skills, Karen is the one who can provide you with both.

I enjoy working with Karen for English proficiency as intermediate speaker. Karen helps me building stronger English skills as I need English competency to present, speak, and persuade my colleagues and partners around the world. Her feedback is very detailed and she has great training skill for adults as English teacher as well as a business coach. It has been an enlightening journey with her and I feel so much supported by her guidance to speak more naturally and confidently.

Karen, as a remarkable coach and mentor, has influenced my growth. With her, my English proficiency has improved. In particular, her questions on topics and themes promote the ways to speak English through thinking using the logic of English, which is further than just using words and expressions by learning by heart. As a language coach, she is skilful to find and fix patterns of errors. Her suggestions of expressions are helpful to make my English-speaking authentic. In addition, through her mentoring while dealing with learning content, I was able to develop the competencies required to be a leader such as self-awareness, people skills, motivation, empowerment, and so on. The discussions with her help me have multifaceted views on the various issues at work and in an organization. Lastly, I am grateful for her warm encouragement that allows me to be proactive and diligent as a learner. To be specific, the sense of positivity and a sense of ability that remained from the sessions with her allows me to keep learning in daily life.

I’ve known Karen for decades and she is the best mentor I’ve ever had.

Karen is the best coach, mentor and teacher that I have ever met. She is also an inspirational spiritual teacher, career counsellor, and friend. She has a great influence on her clients. Working with Karen has not only improved my communication skills but has also enriched my life. I highly recommend Karen.

Karen is the greatest coach that I have ever had. I’ve learned a lot not only English but also leadership, management and relationships. Sometimes she was my mentor and counsellor if I had some difficulties in my work. Also, I feel my English skill has improved. I am very lucky and will keep working with her to skill up.

Karen is the best coach and mentor. She is always ready to help clients and gives practical solutions to diverse matters. Her spectrum is wide and her advice is very helpful. I had a lot of lessons from her both English communication and life as well. I truly recommend her.

Karen is such a great coach that I can confidently recommend to anybody. She has the best quality both in technical skills and in her personality as an instructor. She has a lot of experience not only in instructing language but also in consulting professional fields. Based on her extensive experience from an instructor to PR expert, CEO, and consultant, you can learn many more beyond just speaking in English. More importantly, Karen has the mindset as an educator, not just taking her work as a duty. She tries to do her best to help as long as she can. She is very responsive and responsible. She respects her clients and their efforts to learn and she provides great encouragement. I believe that whoever will be able to have the best experience with her as a good coach, and more importantly, as a good friend that you can trust. Karen is the most responsible and supportive that I have ever known.

Working with Karen was a truly transformational experience. I became far more self-aware, confident and secure. I went from doing things I didn’t really want to do, to living life on my terms. Karen is kind, considerate and a great questioner who really made me think. I highly recommend her.

My English and public speaking skills have greatly improved since meeting Karen. These days I’m much more confident as a leader and entrepreneur.

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