Women’s Circle

Join an online sacred women’s circle.
Speak, listen and relate from the heart without judgement and in confidence.

Learn from inspiring women of all ages and from all walks of life. Share your knowledge, experience and wisdom to benefit others. Join us to cultivate reverence!

Circles with a sacred centre and sacred intention are ancient. They are the oldest form of social interaction. Sitting in circle was a way of life for our ancestors. They shared dreams and stories, worshiped their gods and goddesses, and they passed down the traditions and wisdom that kept them alive and well.

Ancient women’s circles have been linked to the moon cycles. Menstrual hut and moon lodge traditions date back to the 5th Century, and luckily, some are still found today.

Being part of a women’s circle is not about gossiping and chit chat. It is a very different energy. We interact from the heart and include certain ritualistic elements. There is a lot of sharing, laughter, tears and storytelling. For each circle we have a topic or theme to explore. There are prayers and meditations. Singing and chanting.

I believe all women of all ages and from all walks of life can benefit from being part of a women’s circle. Being part of a women’s circle helps to combat loneliness, depression and anxiety. Such sacred circles help us to know ourselves and the Divine Feminine.
There is nothing quite like the fierce and gentle support of a women’s circle.

Karen is a fluid and inspiring teacher who shares her knowledge in a fun and motivating way.

Helen Thiara

Join your soul sisters in a safe, confidential and nurturing sacred circle. Over 18s welcome!

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