A Journey Of Self Discovery, Transformation & Awakening

The best investment we can make is in ourselves.
Explore spiritual, personal and professional development for a soul-led life.


My mission is to help people realise their potential for the highest good. My vision is of a healthy, thriving, peaceful and abundant Multiverse for all our relations. 

Know Thyself

Know Thyself was the inscription above the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The ancients knew that in order to truly evolve it is essential to know oneself. It takes lots of work, intentionality and going within.

What you seek is within you! What you cannot find within you, you will never find without you, or outside of you. The more we know and love ourselves, the less prone we are to self judgment, guilt, shame, low self worth and limiting beliefs.

Work with your subconscious mind, so that it becomes a powerful ally, instead of a hindrance that keeps you stuck in beliefs, habits and reactions that no longer serve you. Find the gold in your shadow.

Discover a soul-led life!

When we do our inner work, heal trauma and connect with ourselves and the Multiverse, all beings – including consciousness itself – benefit.

As we become in tune with our own energy and the energy around us, we lead a more soul-led life and we experience more beauty, joy, harmony, synchronicity, heightened intuition and peace.

When we claim our sovereignty and sit crowned on the throne of the Self, we are anchored in ourselves and able to live life to our potential, with confidence and resilience. This is the Holy Grail.

We are living in times of great transformation.
We chose to be here, now, for a reason.
It is time for us to dream ourselves awake and to co-create the new paradigm for the highest good as soul-led changemakers!

Make an ally of your subconscious and free yourself of limiting beliefs, habits and reactions.
Connect with your Inner Shaman.
Become your own Healer, Leader and Guru.

The better we know ourselves, the more we thrive.

What People Say

“I believe, without a doubt, that working with Karen can change your life and your trajectory if you’re open and receptive to this type of powerful transformation.”

“Karen is a wise and professional workshop leader who can hold space so that novices and experts alike can learn and grow.”

“Karen is a gifted and guided teacher who has a deep understanding of what she does and a delight in sharing it.”

Karen is direct yet diplomatic, ethical, intuitive, knowledgeable and professional.”

More testimonials here.

To Guide You On Your Journey…

1-2-1 Sessions Online

Ancient spiritual practices and modern day techniques for knowledge of the Self, healing, intuitive intelligence and a strong connection with the Divine. Connect and work with your Spirit Guides. Lead a soul-led life rich in beauty, joy, harmony, resilience and peace. Sessions tailored to suit you.

Group Sessions Online

Join a group and follow a six-week programme. 90-minute sessions recorded for you to keep. Ongoing online contact between sessions. Learn the basics of Dreamwork, Shamanism, Shamanic Journeys and Sacred Ceremonies and benefit from the group energy and all the wonderful sharing!

Shamanic Journeys

I conduct a shamanic journey on your behalf for healing and guidance and insight into any life matter. Results-driven, to get to and heal the origins of mental, emotional or physical dis-ease. There is an initial consultation, I do the journey, share it and help you to understand it and take action.

Dream Consultation

I help you to better understand your dreams and to resolve any nightmares. A rapid process to give you extra insight without telling you how you ‘should’ interpret your dreams.

Spiritual Coaching

I have spent the past 25 years absorbing myself in all things spiritual. I have trained with the best in their fields around the world. I draw from a wide range of traditions and practices.

Other Coaching

I offer coaching in personal and professional development. I teach you how to develop your intuitive intelligence for clarity, confidence and improved decision making ability.

Sacred Ceremonies

I can perform a non-denominational sacred ceremony for you for any special occasion or life matter. I can also help you to create a ceremony that you can perform for yourself.

Online Dream Circle

Join an online dream circle for exploration of dreams with other passionate dreamers. Receive insight and support from group members, learn and grow together.

Online Women’s Circle

A safe space for women over 18 to gather as equals and speak, listen and relate from the heart. Discover and integrate new blueprints that serve the women we are becoming.

When you make your investment know that you are embarking upon a magical adventure and that I am always here for you pre, during and post sessions. All sessions are currently remote and online. There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance sessions. You will need privacy and it is advisable to give yourself about 15 minutes to relax and prepare before each session.

Apply for pro bono sessions!

I teach dreamwork, shamanism and conduct shamanic journeys on a pro bono basis as part of my way of giving back and paying forward. If you wish to be added to my waiting list, please contact me and introduce yourself.