Karen Louise Floyd

Coaching, Consulting, Editing

Karen Louise Floyd

Coaching, Consulting, Editing


ICF-trained Integrative Coach, Peernovation Certified Coach, Chartered PR Pro, TESOL-Certified Teacher, Active Dreaming Teacher, Co-Author

I love helping people achieve transformation and progress. My passions are leadership, coaching, communication and consciousness; when these align, my soul sings. There’s nothing better than working with people who want to be more self-aware and are open to exploring different ways to achieve that while pursuing goals and dreams and realising potential.

I’m from the U.K., speak Spanish, French and Russian, and am a business founder who’s led global teams in digital publishing, technology (SaaS, PaaS, IoT, FinTech) and public relations and knows the commercial fishing industry, travel and tourism, and the built environment.

I’m also a certified teacher of Active Dreaming and other modalities resulting in a wealth of ancient knowledge, wisdom, spiritual practices, and modern-day techniques to hack the brain and align the heart with the mind for quantum leaps in personal transformation and better performance in all areas of life.

Times are changing fast, and an impartial confidant supporting us is a great gift. When receiving coaching, it’s incredible how hearing yourself express something aloud in the presence of another sheds new light.

Effective coaches are great active listeners, intuitive, supportive, positive, non-judgemental, enthusiastic, trusting, trustworthy, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, ongoing learners, respectful, patient, and clear communicators.


As co-author of ‘Cracking the Rich Code Vol 8’, a 2022 Amazon number one best-seller in the U.S., the U.K., Canada and Australia across multiple categories, including business and finance, I send a complimentary copy to everyone who hops on a chemistry call with me, including teams. Don’t be fooled by the title. It’s not just about money and contains incredible content from great business leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches and an endorsement from world-renowned coach Tony Robbins.

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