Karen Louise Floyd

Coaching, Consulting, Editing

Karen Louise Floyd

Coaching, Consulting, Editing


Client Testimonials

Please note that some clients prefer not to reveal their identities.

Ms J Kim, Director, Google

With Karen’s help, I’ve gained a lot of confidence and improved my communication skills in English, which helped me get the promotion of my dreams. Karen responds flexibly and responsively to my diverse needs. She is a true partner for me.


Karen is not only a fantastic communication coach but also an inspirational mentor. I really enjoyed sions that covered diverse topics such as leadership, people management, career development, social issues, feminism, and so on. Especially, Karen helped me learn how to reveal my true self and vulnerability without shame and effectively influence people even in a male-dominated organization. If you are looking for a complete package that can enhance both language and leadership skills, Karen is 

J Yoo, Head of HR, Umicore Korea

There are difficult things that anyone can experience in their lives, but I think it is really difficult to understand them emotionally from a third party’s point of view. Fortunately, I’m really happy to say that, I was lucky to be able to meet Karen who helped me go my way properly. Karen is a really great coach who always deeply understands the other person’s mind and thinks together to help the situation and suggests alternatives.

Mr Y.H.Choi, Salesforce Regional Sales Director.

Karen is the best coach I’ve ever had. Although we started with Business English, we covered business and life coaching.
With her proven and broad business experience, I enjoyed talking with her about all business-related topics from the latest technologies to leadership, HR, and managements sometimes talking about broader topics like the global environment, sustainability and psychology. I’ve improved as a leader and as a communicator. 

Ms J Park, HR Director, VNTG

Karen is such a great coach that I can confidently recommend her to anybody. She has the best quality both in technical skills and in her personality as an instructor. She has a lot of experience not only in communication but also in consulting professional fields. Karen is the most responsible and supportive that I have ever known.

Dr Anna You, news anchor, media personality, spokesperson

Karen, as a remarkable coach and mentor, has influenced my growth.  I was able to develop the competencies required to be a leader such as self-awareness, people skills, motivation, empowerment, and so on. The discussions with her help me havmultifaceted views on the various issues at work and in an organization. Lastly, I am grateful for her warm encouragement that allows me to be proactive and diligent as a learner.

Tess Bryan, USA

Working with Karen was a truly transformational experience. I became far more self-aware, confident and secure. I went from doing things I didn’t really want to do, to living life on my terms. Karen is kind, considerate and a great questioner who really made me think. I highly recommend her.

James Park, Head of Product Management, Assa Abloy.

Amazing sessions, interesting topics and great discussions. I’ve gained practical skills to take back to work.  Karen is enthusiastic, attentive and passionate in her approach to coaching and she goes above and beyond to ensure I’m well well prepared to make my mark.

Jungsook Lee, CEO, 3STEC

Karen is the best coach, mentor and teacher that I have ever met. She is also an inspirational spiritual teacher, career counsellor, and friend. She has a great influence on her clients. Working with Karen has not only improved my communication skills but has also enriched my life.  I highly recommend Karen..

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