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I’m Karen Louise Floyd and I’m passionate about helping people realise their potential to be better and do better. I love my work and I believe my passion shines through. I adore seeing my clients thrive and achieve their goals. I deliver integrative and communication coaching, plus PR and editorial services. I’ve got a lot of professional and worldly experience. I define myself as curious with an interest in many topics. I’m from Liverpool, England, and speak Spanish, French and Russian. I’ve lived, worked and studied in different countries, and I consider myself worldly-wise and culturally conscious. I’ve undergone training in entrepreneurship and leadership at various institutions, including Babson College and Stanford University. I invest in continuous education and development, exploring strategic communications, public relations, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, meditation, aromatherapy, reiki, herbalism, dreamwork including lucid dreaming, ancient spiritual practises, and modern-day techniques for thriving in all areas of life. I share all I can with others. 

In 2008, I founded a public relations agency and in my first year during a recession I earned more than I’d ever earned as an employee. As a result of my work, all my clients have enjoyed greater visibility. Some became far more famous than they were. In 2017, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) ranked me among the top 1% of PR professionals in Europe when I became a Chartered Practitioner. There’s a video of me talking about it on my LinkedIn profile. I act as a client advisor for the CIPR. In 2018, I helped a company raise millions of dollars of investment as a result of my pitch. I’ve appeared on TV and radio and at conferences and workshops about entrepreneurship, leadership, public relations, and technology. I’ve worked hard to create a life I love, living wherever I choose in the world and working with great people. 

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